The International European University
is a modern university of European type which provides absolutely new approach for students’ studies.

The International European University is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The university has got a huge material base, such as a fund of printed books, subscriptions on dozens of world professional periodical editions, an access to the leading world libraries.

Moreover, the International European University auditoriums are all ensured by multimedia equipment, new methods of teaching, and innovative technologies are also used in the process of studying. We regularly open new clinical departments with the usage of the most modern diagnostic and medical equipment in leading establishments of Kyiv. Departments of the International European University are well-equipped with educational and methodical literature, computers and office equipment, and modern furnishing.

The International European University has got 8 faculties or schools, how they are called.




Level of EducationMedium of InstructionTerm of Study


English/RussianMD/MBBS – 6 years

PG/PhD – 2-4 years


Post-Graduate Education

English/RussianBD – 4 years

MD – 1,5 year


Post-Graduate Education

English/RussianBD – 4 years

MD – 2 years




Post-Graduate Education

English/RussianBD – 4 years

MD – 2 years



Post-Graduate Education

English/RussianBD – 4 years

MD – 2 years


Architecture & EngineeringBD/MD

Post-Graduate Education


English/RussianBD – 4 years

MD – 2 years



Life SciencesBD/MD

Post-Graduate Education

English/RussianBD – 4 years

MD – 2 years


Post-Graduate Education

English/RussianBD – 4 years

MD – 2 years

Medical Specialties:

  • General Medicine (MB/MBBS);
  • Nursing;
  • Pharmacy;
  • Dentistry


Business Specialties:

  • Organization and Management of structural subdivisions of state and municipal bodies;
  • Crisis Management;
  • Regional Development Management;
  • Formation of plans for socio-economic development of the territory;
  • Public Relations Management;
  • Banking Management;
  • Management of industries and spheres of production;
  • Nature Management and Environmental Protection;
  • Management of business structures of different levels, etc.



IT Specialties:

With the faculty of the International European University, dedicated to IT study and research, when you join us, you can immerse yourself in virtually any area of ​​IT, from technical computing and business computing to multimedia. And you will learn and work with experts in various fields of IT. We have designed our courses to offer you many options. The Faculty of IT focuses on practical experience that gives you real-world knowledge and skills.


Law Specialties:

  • Students for the BA in Jurisprudence are typically taught in pair tutorials. A tutorial is an exercise for which the student writes an essay, so that the focus of the meeting is on the student’s own work on the subject.
  • We have the only graduate degrees in the world that are taught in tutorials as well as in classes (the BD of Law, MJur, and the new Master’s in Law and Finance).
  • We have the largest doctoral program in Law in the English-speaking world.


Languages Specialties:

  • English Language and Literature;
  • German Language and Literature;
  • French Language and Literature


Architecture & Engineering Specialties:

  • Architecture and Urban Planning;
  • Construction and Civil Engineering;
  • Geodesy and Land Management

Humanities Specialties:

  • Philosophy;
  • Languages;
  • History;
  • Linguistics;
  • Social Work

Life Sciences Specialties:

  • Agriculture;
  • Medicine;
  • Dentistry;
  • Veterinary Science;
  • Health Science


Types of classes:

  • current surveys,
  • knowledge tests,
  • laboratory work reports,
  • presentations,
  • practice reports, progress tests,
  • writing scientific articles based on research results.

Kinds of tests – credits, differential tests, oral and written exams;

Requirements for the level of education of people who can start studying:

A person has a right to obtain the b Degree on the basis of complete general secondary education according to the results of EIT certificates (according to the results of entrance exams for foreigners and for people without citizenship) or on the basis of the educational qualification level of the Junior Specialist in the relevant specialty of medical direction according to the results of entrance exams.



The hostel is located near the International European University in a beautiful green park area. So, you can get to your classes without any problems.

The infrastructure of the district is well-developed: there is a grocery store near the campus with everything that can meet the daily needs of students.

The condition of the hostel corresponds to the current sanitary norms: there are provided sanitary, utility and domestic premises for the proper functioning of the hostel. There is also a kitchen, fitted with gas stoves on each floor.

International European University has got a blocky planning type of a hostel. Each block has a toilet and a bathroom. Each room has beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs. The beds are provided with a pillow, a blanket, a set of bed linen.

Two or three people live in one room. Students can also use a spacious reading room. You can use washing machines and high-speed unlimited Internet in the hostel of International European University.

International European University ensures 24/7 security, a pass system (turnstile) and video surveillance.





Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. The city of Kyiv has got great infrastructure and high level of development. Kyiv is located in the central Ukraine, and it is a cultural, educational and economical center of Ukraine.

The city is actively built. Each year a great number of new schools, target and business centers, clinics, and residences appear. The city has got all means of possible transport: a subway, buses, trams, trolleybuses, taxis, trains and planes. So, you don’t have to think how to get to your dwelling or university.


Kyiv is a multicultural city. A lot of international people of different beliefs live and study here. Thanks to newcomers, a lot of new music and art have appeared in recent years. Walking down the streets, you can hear a lot of local bands playing absolutely new music and see murals, graffiti etc.

Of course, we cannot but mention our national cuisine. That’s a real heaven for gourmets! Here you will find a lot of various cafes and restaurants to different tastes.

There are a lot of zoos, parks and squares around the city. Anywhere you go, you can see lavishing bushes, trees and flowers.


The capital has got numerous sightseeing which worth seeing. They are:

o M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden

o The Motherland Monument

o The Golden Gates

o St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral

o Independence Square

o Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery

o St. Andrew’s Church

The night city life is full of lights as well! The majority of night clubs, bars and restaurants are open at night. You can see people singing and dancing in the squares.