On June 12-25, 2022, international students of Kharkiv National Medical University have the opportunity to take classes at Hartwick College (New York, USA). This credit-free summer certification program invites students to take part in the medical training of Hartwick’s faculty and gain experience both on and off-campus. 


Healthcare — This program will introduce you to the US healthcare system, its strengths and weaknesses through the position of equity and inclusiveness. Students will find out new interesting facts about pandemic strategies, both successful and unsuccessful ones, along with the US authorities’ approach to public health systems. Teachers of medicine, public health, and sociology will join the students at the classes and tours on healthcare establishments. Students will stay at community dorms and facilities.  


Although this program is interdisciplinary and may be  interesting for many students, it will be particularly useful for: 


Public health students 

Medical orderlies 

Nurses and Midwifery students 


Participants will experience the life of an American Medical College student. From living in dormitories to visiting the neighborhood — this experience will create wonderful memories for every student. Hartwick College offers trips to Niagara Falls, visiting real baseball games, and many more. As one of the world’s leading metropolises for art, fashion, food, and theater, New York is a city every student should visit. The world’s most famous street cuts a 13-mile (21-kilometer) diagonal path from Bowling Green on Manhattan’s southern tip to Inwood, where it crosses into the Bronx. There’s no better way to pick up on NYC’s variable vibe and changing scenery than by walking 50 blocks on a fine day.  


Students will get a full housing program with campus activities: lectures and workshops, sports activities, game evenings, fitness and athletic facilities, ongoing programs for international students, playing ping pong, or having lunch with friends. 


The cost of the program — 3.800 USD 


The program includes: 

  • the accommodation on campus
  • three meals a day
  • off-campus tours and excursions, additional tickets 
  • events on campus
  • program completion certificates 


Pay attention that Hartwick College provides a scholarship for 1 student of Kharkiv National Medical University!