Students’ scientific mission in Portugal!

Last year, the International Humanitarian University (IHU) joined the international research project on innovative healthy products (CA18101), that is financed by the European Commission.

Thanks to the ease of quarantine restrictions, in the second half of August 2021, the project included a scientific mission of the Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching of the IHU, Doctor of Economics — Professor Anatoliy Honcharuk to Portugal, whose representative, namely the University of Porto, is the main institution of this project.

This mission included a scientific study of the efficiency of Portuguese bakeries, producing traditional and innovative products, in particular Pão de Gimonde, to further compare their work with similar Ukrainian enterprises.

Apart from the researches themselves, professor A.G. Goncharuk, while being in the city of Bragança in the north-east of Portugal, visited scientific and higher educational institutions related to this project. In particular, during a visit to the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, he held a meeting with its Vice-President, Doctor Albano Alves.

During the meeting, the possibility of cooperation between the International Humanities University and this Institute was discussed, namely the creation of double degree programs, students and teachers’ exchange, as well as common researches and practice of IHU students in Portugal.

The head of the project CA18101, Doctor Joao Rocha introduced professor A.G. Goncharuk to the University of Porto and expressed readiness for fruitful cooperation with IHU in the fields of Science and Education.

In terms of the meeting, he stressed that such multinational projects bring together scientists, businessmen, government officials and organizations from different countries for solving important scientific and practical issues that are relevant to the entire European continent.

The researches result of this scientific mission will be included in a collective monograph that will be published by “Springer” in the end of this year.