Odessa National Medical University Open House

The educational event dedicated to Open House day at Odessa National Medical University took place on January 21, 2022, at 14:30. Future students were able to take an online tour to the University Clinic ONMedU. The meeting was held online in order to stick to the quarantine restrictions.

Future students and the director of the clinic Svitlana Busel were walking through one of the best medical institutions in Ukraine. Applicants found out a lot of interesting facts about the clinic. The Center of Reconstructive Medicine (University Clinic) is an educational, research, and treatment unit of Odessa National Medical University, it is equipped with modern medical supplies that help medical technologies and students’ of the university knowledge stay updated. The best doctors and lecturers work and prepare students for future usage of scientific and medical equipment. Some supplies can be found only in the ONMedU clinic in Ukraine. The institution’s equipment meets world standards and lets to introduce the latest achievements of medical science in the educational process and medical practice.


Applicants enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and attentive mentors of the university staff. Every worker of the university is proud of the University Clinic and dedicated to their work and patients. After taking the excursion at ONMedU the future students sincerely shared their emotions and opinions of the event which was organized at the university. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to get to know more about various departments of the university. First impressions and emotions alongside new interesting information are very important for us because it will help us decide if medical profession and educational institution suit our desires and requests “- one of the applicants said.


The Open House days are held twice a year at the Odessa National Medical University to help future students see if the place feels right. It also gives them a chance to get any answers they need before applying. We understand that not everyone can attend an open day or event in person, so we’ve provided an opportunity to participate in virtual tours and open days. You can see the campus and find out more about the local area.


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