Maslenitsa Celebration at Donetsk National Medical University

Maslenitsa (Strove Tuesday) took place in front of the main building of Donetsk National Medical University. This annual event was realized with the help of a medical-pharmaceutical faculty and the students’ target union.

Traditionally, Maslenitsa is the farewell with winter and greeting of spring that brings natural liveliness and sunny warmth. People always believed that spring is the beginning of new life and honored sun that gifts life and energy to everything alive.

The teaching staff tasted the sweet treats on this day, and the students congratulated the Vice-Rectors on their jobs’ places.

The ancient people thought that a pancake symbolizes sun. It is said that with eating a piece of pancake, you eat a part of sun’s warmth and power. That’s why, the organizers of the fest decided to initiate students to this custom and created several competitions.

The participants could take part in the sack race, tug-of-war, “Roosters’ fight”, weight lifting, relay races “Broom running”, “Water the spring” and many others.

The carnival finished with a flash mob and singing Ukrainian national songs.