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Forms of education


Ukrainian and Russian universities have got such forms of education:


  • On campus (offline).
  • Distant
  • Online




On campus or full-time form of studies is the main type of getting the highest education at any university, and is based on the principle of students’ personal communication with teachers. This means that students have to attend all types of classes (lectures, practical lessons), pass exams and project work at the university.


Distant form of studies is the type of getting the highest level of education, combining the process of learning with other activities. It is based on students’ independent work with periodical personal communication with teachers. So, you cannot attend classes, but get all the necessary information by E-mail, and do the program tasks wherever you want. But, the distant students have to attend the university at least twice per semester to pass unit and final tests.


Online form of studies is a type of getting the highest level of education without attending classes personally, just via Internet. If you are a foreign student and you don’t have an opportunity to visit lessons by your own, this form of studies will perfectly suit you. All you need is a great permanent Internet connection. Students get documents with necessary information by E-mail and pass different kinds of assessment, such as unit tests, colloquiums, project work and final tests online.


Campus study is for those who want to attend lectures and seminars. It doesn’t mean where you live: in a flat or dormitory. The main thing is to be present at university.

To enter the university, you have to bring us your EIT certificate or pass entrance exams.

As a student you are obliged to attend all kinds of classes: lectures, seminars, laboratory practices, tests, excursions, etc. We ensure students with all studying materials: books, video and audio recordings of lectures and seminars. One year is divided into 2 semesters. After each semester you have to pass a session which will show your results. During lectures and seminars, you get a certain amount of credits. There is a particular minimum of credits which you need to get. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to session. And you have to learn the course once more.

Advantages of Campus Education:

  • Well-organized and up-to-date classes.
  • Students get knowledge from trained and professional teachers.
  • Structured and systematic learning process.
  • Tests make students see their real knowledge and grow up in their next learning process.
  • You can feel the atmosphere of studies with other students.
  • An ability to touch medical equipment in real life.
  • An ability to compare the difference between practical and theoretical lessons.
  • A chance to go to university and ask teachers, if you didn’t understand something.
  • Leads to getting a Degree (Bachelor’s/ Master’s/ Doctor’s).


If you live in another city or country and you can’t attend the lectures, a distance study is for you! Choosing this kind of education, you have to send us your EIT certificate or pass entrance exams. We ensure students with all studying materials: video and audio recordings of lectures and seminars, practical tasks with methodical recommendations, access to the electronic library, etc. Students can study the material at convenient time for them. Professors always keep in touch with students via E-mail, Skype or phone.

The examination session is created remotely: you pass the test or interview via Skype or come to university (it usually takes one day). After being graduated from the university, you get a diploma of national sample that doesn’t differ from another form of education.

Advantages of Distant Education

  • More naturally learning process as you can learn at anywhere and at any time from your daily experience.
  • It involves activities like individual and personal research on a topic of interest for themselves by using books, libraries, social media, Internet or getting assistance from teachers via Skype or E-mail.
  • Uses a variety of techniques.
  • No specific time schedule.
  • Less costly and time-efficient learning process.


Online education is designed mainly for international students. It allows you to study according to your convenient time and place from any part of the world! You can study almost any profession. Whether they are humanitarian subjects, IT or architecture. Using online studies, you can learn a wide range of various disciplines.

Meanwhile, online studies lead to getting the degree of full value as well as classical studies at university campus.

While this kind of education, you will get in contact with professors via Skype or Zoom.

All the tests will be passed in online form as well.

The term of online studies doesn’t differ from the campus education.

Advantages of Online Education

  • Experienced and professional training.
  • Skillful growth in which self-learning is appreciated.
  • Flexibility in curriculum and time.
  • Livestreaming classes.
  • The degree is the same as in a campus education.

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