Odessa National Medical University Open House

Odessa National Medical University Open House

The educational event dedicated to Open House day at Odessa National Medical University took place on January 21, 2022, at 14:30. Future students were able to take an online tour to the University Clinic ONMedU. The meeting was held online in order to stick to the quarantine restrictions.

Future students and the director of the clinic Svitlana Busel were walking through one of the best medical institutions in Ukraine. Applicants found out a lot of interesting facts about the clinic. The Center of Reconstructive Medicine (University Clinic) is an educational, research, and treatment unit of Odessa National Medical University, it is equipped with modern medical supplies that help medical technologies and students’ of the university knowledge stay updated. The best doctors and lecturers work and prepare students for future usage of scientific and medical equipment. Some supplies can be found only in the ONMedU clinic in Ukraine. The institution’s equipment meets world standards and lets to introduce the latest achievements of medical science in the educational process and medical practice.


Applicants enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and attentive mentors of the university staff. Every worker of the university is proud of the University Clinic and dedicated to their work and patients. After taking the excursion at ONMedU the future students sincerely shared their emotions and opinions of the event which was organized at the university. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to get to know more about various departments of the university. First impressions and emotions alongside new interesting information are very important for us because it will help us decide if medical profession and educational institution suit our desires and requests “- one of the applicants said.


The Open House days are held twice a year at the Odessa National Medical University to help future students see if the place feels right. It also gives them a chance to get any answers they need before applying. We understand that not everyone can attend an open day or event in person, so we’ve provided an opportunity to participate in virtual tours and open days. You can see the campus and find out more about the local area.


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The USA Summer Classes

On June 12-25, 2022, international students of Kharkiv National Medical University have the opportunity to take classes at Hartwick College (New York, USA). This credit-free summer certification program invites students to take part in the medical training of Hartwick’s faculty and gain experience both on and off-campus. 


Healthcare — This program will introduce you to the US healthcare system, its strengths and weaknesses through the position of equity and inclusiveness. Students will find out new interesting facts about pandemic strategies, both successful and unsuccessful ones, along with the US authorities’ approach to public health systems. Teachers of medicine, public health, and sociology will join the students at the classes and tours on healthcare establishments. Students will stay at community dorms and facilities.  


Although this program is interdisciplinary and may be  interesting for many students, it will be particularly useful for: 


Public health students 

Medical orderlies 

Nurses and Midwifery students 


Participants will experience the life of an American Medical College student. From living in dormitories to visiting the neighborhood — this experience will create wonderful memories for every student. Hartwick College offers trips to Niagara Falls, visiting real baseball games, and many more. As one of the world’s leading metropolises for art, fashion, food, and theater, New York is a city every student should visit. The world’s most famous street cuts a 13-mile (21-kilometer) diagonal path from Bowling Green on Manhattan’s southern tip to Inwood, where it crosses into the Bronx. There’s no better way to pick up on NYC’s variable vibe and changing scenery than by walking 50 blocks on a fine day.  


Students will get a full housing program with campus activities: lectures and workshops, sports activities, game evenings, fitness and athletic facilities, ongoing programs for international students, playing ping pong, or having lunch with friends. 


The cost of the program — 3.800 USD 


The program includes: 

  • the accommodation on campus
  • three meals a day
  • off-campus tours and excursions, additional tickets 
  • events on campus
  • program completion certificates 


Pay attention that Hartwick College provides a scholarship for 1 student of Kharkiv National Medical University! 

The Anesthesiologic Department of Bogomolets NMU is ready for patients!

The Anesthesiologic Department of Bogomolets NMU is ready for patients!

Students of Donetsk National Medical University took part in preparation for patients’ welcoming in the restored Anesthesiologic Department of the National Children’s Specialized Hospital “OKHMATDIT”.

“Okhmatdit” (protection of maternity and childhood) is a highly specialized diagnostic and medical institute, which provides a special medical help for the Ukrainian children. It is the biggest children’s hospital in Ukraine.

For the results of the accreditation in 2008, the laboratory approved the highest category. Annually, the treatment of about 18 thousand children are carried out on 620 hospital beds; nearly 20 thousand children get extra help in the traumatology center of the hospital.

About 7,000 surgeries are performed in the hospital every year. All types of surgical interventions are performed in the departments, except for cardiac surgery.

Two honored doctors of Ukraine, three Doctors and 17 PhDs of Medical Sciences work in the “OKHMATDIT” clinic.

The students of dental faculty and medical faculties №1, 3, 4 helped to clean the Anesthesiologic Department after repairs. Our volunteers solved the task quickly and now the Reanimation and the Surgery rooms are ensured with modern equipment and ready for three operations per day with a minimal break for 30 minutes. Thanks to the decrease of waiting for operation, the patients can get fast treatment.

#1- The Anesthesiologic Department of Bogomolets NMU is ready for patients!

Students of Donetsk National Medical University took part in preparation for patients’ welcoming in the restored Anesthesiologic Department of the National Children’s Specialized Hospital “OKHMADIT”.

The students of dental faculty and medical faculties №1, 3, 4 helped to clean the Anesthesiologic Department after repairs. Our volunteers solved the task quickly and now the Reanimation and the Surgery rooms are ensured with modern equipment and ready for three operations per day with a minimal break for 30 minutes. Thanks to decrease of waiting for operation, the patients can get fast treatment.

Ukraine will participate in European Respiratory Congress

Ukraine will participate in European Respiratory Congress

The scientists of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University will present their work at the European Respiratory Congress. The members of the Department of Physiology and Pulmonology with the Course of Professional Diseases of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University under the guidance of the Head of the department, professor Mykola Ostrovskiy, have received a wonderful gift for the 30th anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine.

The European Respiratory Congress is an international membership organization that unites physicians, health professionals, scientists and other experts working in Respiratory Medicine. This annual congress is the once-a-year occasion when the world’s respiratory experts meet to present and discuss the latest scientific and clinical advances across the entire field of Respiratory Medicine. The reputation of ERS derives from the outstanding scientific program of the congress, which is now the largest respiratory meeting in the world.

This is the first time when seven projects of teachers and students of the department passed the competition and review successfully, and were taken to the presentation at the European Respiratory Congress, 2021 (Barcelona, Spain).

The International Scientific Forum will take place online on the 5-8th of September, 2021.

Dnipropetrovsk Medical University graduates the first Masters of Dentistry

Dnipropetrovsk Medical University graduates the first Masters of Dentistry

The attestation of the first Masters of Dentistry has started at Dniprovsk State Medical University.

Studying in the new educational and professional program “Dentistry”, which successfully passed the accreditation, was pointed out as perspective and innovative that is significantly different from previous programs and curricula. And the brightest example of this is the graduates’ attestation.

According to the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the attestation of students under the educational-professional program 221 “Dentistry” of the second (Master’s) level of education in the field of knowledge 22 “Health” consists of several stages. One of the final and decisive stages of this certification is an objective structured practical (clinical) examination of OSP (C)E.

The special feature of this exam is that during its passing, the graduates find themselves in conditions as close to their future activities as possible.

They independently carry out the necessary diagnostic measures and manipulations on the patient-simulator, provide overall questioning of the patient, his examination, prescribe and evaluate additional methods of examination, put the diagnosis and the necessary treatment. So that they carry out the whole set of measures, as in the usual reception of a dental patient.

To assess the acquired practical skills, the graduates are invited to perform the most common dental manipulations on models and phantoms.

It should be noted that during the exam the students go through twelve stations, where they demonstrate their knowledge and skills in therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, pediatric, dental and orthodontic fields. Thus, the tests cover the full range of dental disciplines.

Graduating departments have carefully prepared for this new form of exam. All halls are equipped with the necessary modern dental equipment, tools and materials, which allows graduates to fully demonstrate a high level of their knowledge and skills.

Preparation for OSP(C)E did not ignore the issue of the pandemic COVID-19. Taking temperature of all participants of the exam, thorough disinfection and strict adherence to anti-epidemic norms, is obligatory.

Examination commission headed by Professor O.A. Glazunov and the rector of Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University, professor T.O. Pertseva noted the high level of applicants’ training and the readiness of departments to conduct this new form of certification.

The best clinical protocols were installed at Lviv State Medical University

The best clinical protocols were installed at Lviv State Medical University

The World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has started a project aimed to support our country in the process of standardization of the quality of medical services by adaptation installations of the international clinical centers’ and development of national clinical protocols. These protocols are made up on evidence-based medicine. According to the results of the Universal Health Protection, a document “Options for the best practices for the development of clinical protocols in Ukraine” was prepared. This document became a generalization of the researching results.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine requested support from WHO for the process of standardizing health care and strategic purchasing of services by guiding the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines in line with the best practices and the country context.

From October, 2020 to February, 2021, WHO conducted a preliminary study to assess the options that the Ministry should consider for implementing the national clinical guideline development process. This policy brief was developed to summarize the findings of the study and describe best practices, processes and methods for developing guidelines in Ukraine.

The study found clear evidence of general support for the process of revising clinical guidelines, moving away from simple translation to a more structured process of systematic adaptation of guidelines. Key messages include the requirement for investment in capacity development for skills and competencies and the need to develop a process for the system for transparent management of conflicts of interest.

The document contains information about the experience of the European Union in the sphere of orders’ development, detail the current information about the situation of the particular matter in Ukraine and identify the system gaps.

Celebration of the National Day of Peace

Celebration of the National Day of Peace

Dating from 2017, there is a beautiful tradition to celebrate the sorrowful date – the start of the World War II (1941-45), — with a memorial flash mob “The Memorial Waltz”.
‌ ‌
This year, the pandemic of coronavirus put its corrections and restrictions into the performance of ceremonial events all over the world. Our Donetsk National Medical University didn’t become an exception. But all in all, in the morning, on September, 21, the tune of “Sevastopol Waltz” sounded after the traditional minute of silence, and students of different courses reminded the guests about dreadful events of the 22nd of June, 1944, when the World War II started.
‌ ‌
The performer of the festival was the Head of the Department of Military and Disaster Medicine, Colonel of the Medical Service — V.S. Mamedov. The meeting was opened with a welcoming speech by the First Vice-Rector of the university, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Tatiana Leonidovna Ryapolova. The Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Alexander Mikhailovich Pushkaruk made a penetrating speech to the audience.
‌ ‌
Students presented flowers to the children of war, who were present at the performance. The veterans were surrounded by a line of students, holding photographs of the dead in the fields of the World War II. Then the literary and musical composition «We remember, are proud and honor!» was performed by the students of Donetsk State Medical University. Those present honored the memory of the deceased teachers, staff and students of Donetsk National Medical University by a minute of silence. The laying of flowers took place at the monument to the students and employees of the university who died during the war. Also, a field kitchen was organized for the participants of the holiday by the forces of the trade union committee of employees.
‌ ‌
The memorial event in front of the entrance to the morphological building ended with a concert program prepared by the efforts of the students of the Medical University and the traditional «Memorial Waltz». The Vice-Principle for Academic Work, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Tatiana Leonidovna Ryapolova spoke to the participants of flash mob with penetrating words of gratefulness for their indifference, and what is more important, for memory of those events, which they represent from year to year in a beautiful musical performance – “The Memorial Waltz”.

Congratulate Odessa National Medical University with successful accreditation!

Congratulate Odessa National Medical University with successful accreditation!

On the 27th of July, the National Agency for the Quality of Higher Education of Ukraine agreed accreditation of Odessa National Medical University’s educational-scientific program for preparation Doctors of Philosophy on specialization 073 “Management”.

Educational program 073 “Management” – is a modern educational program that realizes achieving competencies in the management of the organization and its business processes. It is focused on training of modern managers and entrepreneurs, who are able to adapt fast in the business environment. The program takes into account up-to-date requirements for solving practical problems by introducing training lessons. Students can also take part in the programs “Double Degree” — these are joint programs of Ukrainian and foreign universities, that give Ukrainian students the opportunity to study in Europe and receive degree from European universities.

This accreditation is an acknowledgement of competent educational process and effective scientific work at Odessa National Medical University. It allows to graduate Doctors of Philosophy in Management, to prepare administrative, scientific and educational personnel of the highest qualification not only for Ukrainian but also for foreign enterprises, institutions and organizations.

The guarantor of this program is the Doctor of Economics, Professor A.G. Goncharuk and the entire team of Odessa National Medical University, who have worked hard to ensure the program’s recognition and national accreditation.

So, in August, by submitting documents for admission to post-graduate studies at Odessa National Medical University, the applicants have the opportunity to study in an accredited program, which is a sign of the quality of higher education.

A friendly visit of German colleagues

A friendly visit of German colleagues

German guests from the city of Lubeck payed a friendly visit to Bogomolets National Medical University on the 9th of August: the Vice-Principal with Scientific University Activity – professor Karl Friedrich Klotz, and the Chief of Transplantation Surgery of the university clinic – Schlezwig-Golschtein Grigoriy Lapschin.

In terms of the German delegation’s visit, a meeting with the students of Bogomolets National Medical University was organized. The meeting took place in a relaxed atmosphere, where students from a German university shared their experience of their entering and studying at the university, and students from our university had the opportunity to ask Professor Karl Klotz and colleagues from Lubeck about studying medicine in Germany, and learning conditions at the University of Lubeck.

Professor Carl Friedrich Klutz is well-known in Ukraine. Thanks to his efforts during 15 years, a lot of investments were given to educational, scientific and other charitable projects. He promoted collaboration between our universities, and there is huge experience counted of such international partnership.

The good news for NMU is that this year the University of Lubeck will be able to accept 2 students from NMU for an eight-week internship at the University Clinic at the expense of the grant. Obligatory requirements for education are: studying on the senior course (after the 3rd year), high academic achievement and knowledge of the German language at a sufficient level.

After an official meeting with students, the German delegation met the administration of the NMU Rectorate with the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Professor Olesya Lynovytska. The meeting was also attended by an Associate Professor of General Surgery №1, Sergei Zemskov, the Head of the Department of International Conferences, Anna Malunova, and a specialist in the Department of International Development – Maria Kuznetsova.

The members of the meeting discussed the program of further collaboration, which they fixed in the agreement.

During the conference, the parties agreed on the two-way students’ exchange for the purpose of their internship in the clinical bases of both universities, the exchange of scientific and pedagogical staff, a common scientific cooperation between teachers and students of Ukrainian and German universities. Apart from this, during the discussion, the representatives of both establishments agreed on areas of further cooperation of interest to both parties and secured mutual agreement to jointly participate in the development of project applications under the program “EU Erasmus +”. As part of the visit to Kyiv, a city tour was organized for German guests.