Life Sciences


Life Sciences
is a branch of study that deals with living organisms and life processes. This field of studies examines living things on the whole planet: from bacteria to a whale. Life Scientists want to learn everything about life on the Earth.


Life Sciences Course produces knowledge to students in the following fields: Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Biophysics, Ecology, Evolution and Environment, Medicine, sometimes Anthropology and Sociology.

Life Sciences Course lasts 4 years at both Russian and Ukrainian universities.

After being graduated from this course, students will get a degree of Bachelor of Life Sciences.




Russian and Ukrainian universities start their academic year on the 1st of September and finish in the middle of June (depends on the university). The year is divided into 2 semesters:

  • ● The 1st semester lasts from September,1 to the last week of January.
  • ● The 2nd semester lasts from the first week of February to the middle of June.


There are 5 working days (Monday-Friday) and 2 weekends (Saturday, Sunday) at universities.

Classes usually start at 8/9:00 and finish at 16:00.


In the process of studying, students will attend lectures and seminars, visit excursions to the museums of flora and fauna, write unit tests and pass colloquiums, and make individual and group projects. In the end of each semester, students have to pass an examination session. If the students pass it successfully, they go on a winter/summer vacation. In case they fail the exams, students have to prepare and pass the failed exam once more.

The winter vacation usually lasts from January to February, and the summer vacation – from the mid of June to the end of August. While being on holidays, students can travel all over Russia/Ukraine, CIS countries and European countries as well!


Of course, we all want to apply our knowledge and skills in real life.
So, here are several jobs, connected to Life Sciences:

  • ● Biochemist
  • ● Biologist
  • ● Computational Biologist
  • ● Biotechnologist
  • ● Biomedical Scientist
  • ● Ecologist
  • ● Environmental Consultant
  • ● Industrial Pharmacist
  • ● Life Sciences Teacher
  • ● Clinical Research Associate
  • ● Researcher & Reseach Assistant
  • ● Environmental Impact Expert
  • ● Microbiologist
  • ● Plant Specialist
  • ● Conservation Scientist