Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information.


There are 8 types of journalism:

  • Print Journalism.
  • Broadcast Journalism.
  • Digital Journalism.
  • Sports Journalism.
  • Tabloid Journalism.
  • Investigative Journalism.
  • Developmental Journalism.

Journalism PG Course takes 1 year of studies. The curriculum consists of 2 semesters:


  • The 1st semester lasts from September,1 to the last week of January.
  • The 2nd semester lasts from the first week of February to the middle of June.


There are 5 working days (Monday-Friday) and 2 weekends (Saturday, Sunday) at universities.

Classes usually start at 8/9:00 and finish at 16:00.


In the process of studying, students will attend lectures and seminars, visit excursions to the museums of flora and fauna, write unit tests and pass colloquiums, and make individual and group projects. In the end of each semester, students have to pass an examination session. If the students pass it successfully, they go on a winter/summer vacation. In case they fail the exams, students have to prepare and pass the failed exam once more.

The winter vacation usually lasts from January to February, and the summer vacation – from the mid of June to the end of August. While being on holidays, students can travel all over Russia/Ukraine, CIS countries and European countries as well!



  • Print Journalism
  • Radio Journalism
  • TV Journalism
  • Online Journalism
  • English for Communication
  • Introduction to Mass Media and Society
  • Introduction to Audio-Visual Media
  • Growth and Development of Media
  • Specialised Reporting
  • Broadcast News Production (Radio & TV)
  • Broadcast Media Technology
  • Media Analysis and Criticism
  • Photo Journalism
  • Development Journalism
  • Communication Research and Methods
  • Introduction to Film: Form, Content, Narrative
  • Broadcast Media Management and Operations
  • Lifestyle and Travel Journalism
  • Political Communication
  • Multimedia Journalism and Content Management
  • Business and Finance Journalism