The Dental Undergraduate program takes 5  years to get Bachelor of Dentistry degree.

There are Postgraduate courses for studying Dentistry: PG and PhD. They take 2-4 years of studies. And the awarded degree is BDS – Bachelor of Dentistry and Surgery.


Students of Russian/Ukrainian universities study basic medical and biological subjects, and

clinical disciplines, required for dentists. During the first three years of studies, students learn mostly theoretical disciplines. From the fourth year they finally start studying clinical subjects.


The laboratories of metal-ceramics and high-frequency melting and casting of dental prostheses are specially equipped. Students study the main current problems of dentistry at special dental offices: caries, paradontosis, and diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity.


Russian and Ukrainian universities start their academic year on the 1st of September and finish in the middle of June (depends on the university). The studying year is divided into 2 semesters:

  • The 1st semester lasts from September,1 to the last week of January.
  • The 2nd semester lasts from the first week of February to the middle of June.


There are 5 working days (Monday-Friday) and 2 weekends (Saturday, Sunday) at universities.

Classes usually start at 8/9:00 and finish at 16:00.

During their studies, students have lectures, practical lessons (seminars), excursions, hospital practice, unit tests, colloquiums, and final tests. In the end of each semester students have an examination session. If the students pass it successfully, they go on a winter/summer vacation. In case they fail the exams, students get a “tail” and prepare to pass the failed exam once more.

The winter vacation usually lasts from January to February, and the summer vacation – from the mid of June to the end of August. While being on holidays, students can travel all over Russia/Ukraine, CIS countries and European countries as well!

Dentistry curriculum for 5 years of studies:

  • ● Humanitarian subjects — 1,026 hours;
  • ● Social-economic subjects — 486 hours;
  • ● Fundamental (general scientific) subjects — 1,854 hours.