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Ukraine is the biggest country of Europe.
Its square is 603 548 км² and population — 41 588 354 of people.
The capital: Kyiv.
The national language: Ukrainian. But Russian and English are also in usage.
Ukraine is a unitarian country. It consists of 24 regions.
Our country has got a cordon with 7 countries. They are Belarus, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Ukraine is bordered on the south and the south-east by the Black and Azov Seas.



No belief restrictions! The Ukrainians are mostly Orthodox Christians but the country is absolutely free for representatives of other beliefs as the country proclaims the freedom of confession and declares that all religions equal before the law, prohibits government interference in religion, and establishes simple registration procedures for religious groups (Muslim, Judea, Buddhist, etc.). There are over a million Armenian Apostolic, 14 million Muslims, 1800,000 Jews, and 600,000 Buddhists studying and living in Ukraine.




You will always find activities to do with our four-season climate!
The climate of Ukraine is moderate continental. The summer is hot (the average temperature is from + 18 ° to + 30 ° C), the winter is cold (from -8° to -25° C), the spring and autumn are usually from +15° C to +18° C. The temperature is quite comfortable for you to fully enjoy all the beauty of four seasons!




Go through the city in 20 minutes? – Easy!
Ukraine is super comfortable when we speak about transport. We have got all possible kinds of it: buses, trams, trolleybuses. But the best one is the subway! It has got tree branches in general, so you can easily get from one point to another during 20 minutes. Moreover, if you are in a hurry, you can call a taxi. It’s quite cheap here!



Hundreds of qualified lecturers are already waiting for you!
Ukraine is known for its high and well-rounded education. There are more than 650 institutions of different specifications. You can become a professional in every sphere you want. Ukrainian universities provide experts in, architecture, airplane modelling, business, dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, nursing, marketing, philology, IT, radio electronics, economics, politics and many others.





Well, all Ukrainians are eager to eat. It’s a real heaven for gourmets!
The variety of dishes is countless. Every region has its own list of dishes and recipes. The most favorite dish is borsht – a red soup with potatoes, beet, cabbage and meat. What is interesting, every family cooks borscht in their own way.
Also, there are different market places and supermarkets, delivery services, so you can choose the most preferable way of getting food.





If you like active pastime, you can visit sport clubs, skating rinks or rock climbing spots. You can also try canoeing in summer and spring in Ukraine.


If you prefer passive life, there are many tea/coffee clubs with snug atmosphere where you can read books or declare poetry in a circle of supporters.


One of the most diverse and innovative sphere of development is music! Walking down the streets, you can hear a lot of local bands playing absolutely different types of music. As Ukraine is popular for the foreigners in terms of work and study, many newcomers bring new streams of musical development and harmonically bond their cultural tunes with the existed ones. Thus, new music is created.


Ukraine has always been among countries with the highest level of education. This can be explained by a huge number of subjects that ensures a well-rounded education, and thoroughly planned programs of the courses, taught by real experts of their jobs. Ukrainian universities are a part of Bologna process. Nowadays, Ukraine counts 657 higher educational establishments. They are universities, academies, institutes, colleges, technical and vocational schools.  You can become a professional in every sphere you want. Ukrainian universities provide professionals in, Architecture, Airplane Modelling, Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Marketing, Philology, IT, Radio Electronics, Economics, Politics and many others.


Ukrainian universities mostly have the highest (IV) level of accreditation that enables them to provide students with all possible Degrees: Bachelor, Master, PG/PhD, Doctor, etc.


The following courses are the most popular among our international students:
  • General Medicine. Degree: MBBS, Physician. Training term — 6 years.
  • Pediatrics. Degree: MBBS, Physician. Training term — 6 years.
  • Laboratory diagnostics. Degree: Laboratory Assistant Bachelor. Training term — 4 years.
  • Dentistry. Degree: Bachelor of Dentistry. Training term — 5 years.
  • Nursing. Degree: Medical Nurse Bachelor. Training term — 4 years.
  • Pharmacy. Degree: Bachelor of Pharmacy. Training term — 5 years.
  • Economics & Business. Degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business. Training term — 4 years.
  • Law. Degree: Bachelor of Law. Training term — 4 years.
  • IT. Degree: Bachelor of Information Technologies. Training term — 4 years.
  • Foreign Languages. Degree: Bachelor of Foreign Philology. Training term — 4 years.
  • Architecture & Engineering. Degree: Bachelor of Architecture and Engineering. Training term — 4 years.
  • Humanities. Degree: Bachelor of Humanitarian Sciences. Training term — 4 years.
  • Life Sciences. Degree: Bachelor of Life Sciences. Training term — 4 years.

All the courses have PG/PhD programs that lasts 2-4 years.



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