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Alfred Education Group is a company that makes education abroad possible for students all over the world!

We cooperate with the best universities in Europe. We provide our future international students with assistance for every step of university admissions and help with getting an Invitation letter and VISA. Our company provides the best assistance with adjusting to a new campus, coping with their personal lives, and working through their academic challenges, among many other issues. Our main responsibilities are counseling students, directing students to appropriate services and benefits, maintaining progress reports, and providing students with career advice. We inform our future students with all essential information about the universities, the term of studies, and the price of the courses.

Alfred Education Group will inform you about the documents that should be given or sent by E-mail for entering the chosen university. Moreover, we help you with the preparation of VISA documents for the consulship. We are responsible for your or your child’s successful arrival to Canada or Ukraine. Our team meets you at the airport and accompanies you to the dormitory.


Alfred Education Group is interested in your comfortable and profitable life and study in Europe. Our main responsibility is to help international students adjust, adapt, and advance through their learning life at the university and provide supervision and support for them to grow.


Our specialists also connect students to relevant advantages, government educational benefits, and other help and advantages provided by the university and its faculty. Every student support specialist of Alfred Educational Group aims to assist students with their studies and see them achieve their goals.

European countries are the best countries for studying with a great quality of education in Architecture, Airplane modeling, Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Marketing, Philology, IT, Radio electronics, Economics, Politics, and many other spheres.


Alfred Education Group is recognized worldwide and the diplomas of our partner universities are accepted all over the globe. Our universities provide programs of internships and exchanges for students in European Countries and the USA in order to obtain the highest level of education.


Do not miss the opportunity to obtain an education of the highest level with the Alfred Education Group!

ADMISSION 2022-2023

We are happy to inform you that admissions 2022-2023 are open!


Alfred Education Group welcomes all future international students to become a part of the worldwide student community. The best European Universities offer a huge range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as excellent study resources, and support facilities.
We would like to introduce you to our unique, creative, collaborative, and multicultural educational community. We provide lots of opportunities for anyone who aims to improve and develop the world around us. Some people accept things as they are, others make changes. If you are ready to challenge old ideas, master your skills, and improve different fields of people’s lives — the perfect option for you is to enter the best European University!

We welcome over 20,000 international students every year to learn from experts, gain practical and theoretical knowledge, and dive into an overwhelming cultural experience. We admit students from over 50 countries speaking over 40 languages. The teaching staff of our Partner Universities consists of doctors of sciences, professors, physicians, and associate instructors inspiring student learning and attainment through innovative pedagogy. We unite the appropriate departments, laboratories, and other subdivisions in order to train specialists in the various fields of knowledge.


Our international students develop professional skills and gain knowledge in modern laboratories and practical classes. Our international graduates easily find jobs in the best hospitals and clinics of the USA, Europe, Canada, Africa, and Asia.

We propose to you the best educational courses and programs. You can choose anything from Medicine, Agro-Technology, and Information Technologies to Foreign Languages, Law, and Management. Every year more than 5000 foreign students of different specialties get their diplomas with our help and assistance!


Apply online right now and start your unforgettable journey!




communication with students through E-mail/ phone;

assistance in choosing a proper university or course;

help in choosing the right Bachelors or Master’s program;

admission agreement with universities;

sending an invitation letter to students;

writing a visa support letter to the consulship;

pre-departure guidance




meeting at the airport by AEG’s representative;

informing your parents about your arrival;

accompany a student to the university and dormitory;

assistance in immigration clearance on arrival;

assistance in getting health insurance;

assistance in medical checking up on arrival;

assistance in registration with the Department of Visa and Registration;

help with student’s passport, hostel card, etc.

help in opening a local bank card or getting a SIM card;

getting academic certificate of achievement or absence of debts;

permanent online support;

and many other cases.


Be sure, working with Alfred education group, you will feel safety at all stages of studies!


Address: 1a Stefana Okrzei, office 10P, Warsaw, 03-715, Poland



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