The best clinical protocols were installed at Lviv State Medical University

The World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has started a project aimed to support our country in the process of standardization of the quality of medical services by adaptation installations of the international clinical centers’ and development of national clinical protocols. These protocols are made up on evidence-based medicine. According to the results of the Universal Health Protection, a document “Options for the best practices for the development of clinical protocols in Ukraine” was prepared. This document became a generalization of the researching results.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine requested support from WHO for the process of standardizing health care and strategic purchasing of services by guiding the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines in line with the best practices and the country context.

From October, 2020 to February, 2021, WHO conducted a preliminary study to assess the options that the Ministry should consider for implementing the national clinical guideline development process. This policy brief was developed to summarize the findings of the study and describe best practices, processes and methods for developing guidelines in Ukraine.

The study found clear evidence of general support for the process of revising clinical guidelines, moving away from simple translation to a more structured process of systematic adaptation of guidelines. Key messages include the requirement for investment in capacity development for skills and competencies and the need to develop a process for the system for transparent management of conflicts of interest.

The document contains information about the experience of the European Union in the sphere of orders’ development, detail the current information about the situation of the particular matter in Ukraine and identify the system gaps.